New job: first month
Oct 1, 2018
2 minute read

The first month in my new job is passed and I just wanted to write down my impressions about it.


I knew that IoT was interesting, but I honestly had no idea of the magnitude it had and how fast this market is growing. As an engineer, it is perhaps one the most interesting fields to be in. All the Information Engineerings are mixed together trying to make everything work on the edge. Lots of things are changing fast and there’s still not a single company that found the magic wand, so there’s a lot to be done, lots of gaps that need to be filled and huge market opportunities everywhere. This field is exploding, right now.

I’m lucky because I feel I am in a priviledged position, since the company I work for provides both hardware and software for IoT. As Solution Architect I can see where the market is going, what the industry needs and I’m learning a lot of new stuff, all without losing touch with my technical background, code and infrastructure.

I am spending time with machine/deep learning, but from the hardware point of view. As a pure software engineer I was interested to algorithms, neural networks, code and libraries, while now I am focused on how to run it on less powerful machines: the hardware you need, chip optimizations, performance, technical differences between training and inference, differences/benefits of different GPUs, architectures, VPU, APU, CPU, FPGA, etc.. .

I discovered the Eclipse IoT project and it’s really cool (disclosure: the group my company belongs to is one of the founding member).

HyperConverged Infrastructure is another fascinating topic.

I am discovering entire new worlds. I feel I am in the right place at the right time, professionally speaking.

Challenges (and opportunities)

Many, in both:

  • The language is a challenge. I am speeding up with my Japanese skills;

  • I have a native understanding of the complexity of the software and the concept of software as a service. This helps a lot when it comes to gather the requirements from potential clients. In a hardware company is a good skill to bring;

  • it’s a completely career change for me. I spent all my career so far writing code, while now I’m a FAE. I am basically learning a totally new job and vastly expanding my skills;

  • I am learning lots of stuff about hardware and electronics. And my wife is super happy about it :)

  • I am enjoying the real japanese salaryman lifestyle

In two words: I’m happy.

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