A Decentralized Blog

June 27, 2020 2 minutes

This blog is now hosted on IPFS, the Interplanetary Filesystem.

I’m using Hugo and Fleek.co to automatically build it and deploy the static files on IPFS.

If you have installed IPFS, and you have a browser extension such as IPFS Companion, when you type the URL in the browser you will be redirected to a much less comprehensible address:


If you are browsing this page as you always do, you can still access it via standard URL, i.e. https://alebaffa.com . You can do this because the CNAME of my domain name points at the DNS record of an IPFS gateway (Fleek’s one in this case); it receives your HTTP request and fetches the content you requested from the nearest IPFS node. I also set up a DNSlink, so you can also access the website via


More info here and here.

The alphanumerical string at the beginning is the Content Address Identifier (CID) of this blog, the cryptographic hash of the underlying content. You can inspect it here.

What does this all mean? The URL you typed in your browser is not pointing to a location (i.e. a web server), it is pointing to a specific content that has its own hash. A very light hash, btw, which is opening to a whole new world of opportunities such as Decentralized file storage with Ethereum or things like Filecoin.

I am going to dedicate this blog to this fascinating world.