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A Community of Professionals – SoCraTes UK

A couple of weeks ago I participated for the first time to a SoCraTes event, one of the Software Craftsmanship international gatherings. SoCraTes (Software Craftsmanship and Testing) is an self-organized conference where the people from the international Software Craftsmanship Community meet and spend 3 days organizing themselves activities and talks around everything related to software […]

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Golang: be careful with slices

Slices are a great tool in Go, but sometimes they can be confused with arrays. A small reminder: slices are a pointer into an underline array. Let’s take this example: array := []int{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6} slice := array[1:3] // let’s print both fmt.Println(“array: “, array) fmt.Println(“slice: “, slice) // array: [1 2 3 […]