Back from SoCraTes France 2016

My second time in a Software Craftsmanship and Testing (SoCraTes) conference and, as always, it has been an awesome experience.

The self-made agenda

SoCraTes is a non-conference, which means that there’s no predefined agenda, but instead it is created every day by the participants (the image above is the agenda of day 2). Everybody is more than welcome to propose sessions. They can be presentation of something you know, or open discussion about a topic you are curious about, or more simply a session where you want to learn something and you are looking for someone more experienced to help you. As for the Global Day of Coderetreat, what you learn during SoCraTes is your responsibility. Open mind, will to learn and the Law of Two Feet are the only things you have to bring with you to this event.

Sessions I attended:

Other things worth mentioning

The food. Absolutely gorgeous. When the plates arrived on the table there was always this moment of religious silence when everybody was too focused to taste those absolutely gorgeous dishes.


It’s always great to meet the other people of the international community of Software Craftsmanship. It’s an absolutely open, welcoming, friendly, warm group of great people. As always I learned so much stuff, but maybe the most important is the amount of energy and strength that I always bring with me after this gathering. If you have never participated, please, join us in one of the next ones. You won’t regret it, and it will become kind of addiction too. Thanks to the excellent Houssam Fakih for the exceptional organization! And thanks to @franzi, the awesome facilitator of this event!


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